iTunes Feed ID

After you submit your RSS feed to iTunes via Podcasts Connect, and they approve your show, you’ll receive an automatically generated URL for your podcast. It’s going to include a shortened version of your show’s title, as well as a unique feed ID number that signifies your show, and your show only:


However, the section containing your show’s title is irrelevant to the link. And actually, if you decide to change your show’s title in the future, Apple will generate a new link which effectively renders all past links defunct. Like I said, you don’t need the title part in there at all. Delete everything between “podcast/” and “/id” leaving you with a cleaner (and shorter) URL:


I recommend saving this link, along other important links or bookmarks for your show. Whenever you link to your podcast on iTunes or Apple Podcasts, always use this version of the link to prevent any errors.

You can also separate your Feed ID from the URL and keep that as a reference:


So for this show, Rogue Squadron, their podcast’s ID is 908555854.

Where else is this ID relevant? One main location is a dedicated URL to your show on Overcast, which pulls from the iTunes library and uses their feed IDs to organize things

Where “0000000” is your feed ID.